Betting Games at Manotobet

In addition to the usual sports betting and online casino slots, Manotobet can offer its customers such types of entertainment as Betting and Live Streaming Games. Iranian players are already familiar with most of these games.

General distinguishing features of these games are:

  • They are fast and funny;
  • All of them have simple rules;
  • They are bright and exciting;
  • You can earn money from them.

On which games you can bet

There are only 8 of them in this section: Keno, BlackJack, Keno Express, Hi Lo, Crash, Sic Bo, Rocketon and Penalty. Further, we will dwell on each of them in more detail. Before entering each game in this section, there is a preliminary menu, which contains the following information:

  1. Player’s statistics;
  2. Game selection panel + tab with the rules of the current one;
  3. Buttons for switching to demo mode (Yellow) and to real money game mode (Green);
  4. Information about the min/max bet and the amount of the maximum win in this game.

Each game has its menu, which is largely identical to the preliminary one, but differs in the ability to make various bets (including real IRT), the presence of multipliers and other features.

betting keno
Betting Games at Manotobet

So, what are these games and how to play them? Let’s sort it out using the table:

KenoEveryone knows the Keno lottery. In this case, you are invited to choose 8 or 10 numbers from 20 dropped out options, while the total pool is 80 balls. In the first case, when choosing 8 balls, the winning starts from 4 guessed balls, in the second case, when choosing 10 balls – from 5.
Keno ExpressThis is a very dynamic, simple and fun variation of Keno. Here you randomly choose two numbers (for example 20 and 40) and bet that the winning lottery number will fall before your range (for example 10), after (for example 80) or fall into it (for example 30). The narrower you create the range, the higher the multiplier by which your winnings are multiplied.
BlackJackThe rules of regular blackjack apply here: before the game, you need to place a bet and beat the dealer by scoring more points than them, but not exceeding 21.
Hi LoAs usual, the player must guess whether the card drawn will be higher or lower than the previous one from a total deck of 25 cards.
CrashThe principle of this exciting game is very simple: you must click on «Cash Out» before the graph arrow stops. If you do not do this in time, the round is considered lost and you will lose your money. If you did, then the multiplier at which you clicked «Cash Out» is multiplied by the amount of the bet (or bets, if you made two).
Sic BoThe same rules are used here as in the standard Sic Bo. The functionality and management of bets are also very simple and affordable.
RocketonThis is another typical member of the «Crash Game» family. Its principle and functionality are almost the same as in Crash. You also need to have time to confirm a bet before the rocket flies away.
PenaltyIn this case, you need to guess which zone, which number or color the penalty shooter will hit. You can also bet on a miss or a post, which happens very rarely.
betting games at manotobet
BlackJack live

How to Start Playing

Any big game starts with a small preparatory process. In order to start winning, follow a few simple steps first:

  • Sign up on the Manotobet gambling platform;
  • Deposit by one of the proposed ways;
  • Go to the «Betting Games» section and select the desired one;
  • Learn the rules and practice in demo mode using one of the winning strategies;
  • Start to win by playing for real Tomans.

Live TV and Live Streaming Games

The entertainment in this section is represented by two well-known providers specializing in TV and streaming games.

TV Bet. The company started its activity in 2016. Since then, it has delivered over 15 bright and exciting games to over 170 gambling platforms. It has an impressive number of different awards and prizes in its arsenal, including:

  • «Best Betting Product», Casino Awards 2019;
  • «Best Provider of Live Games», Casino Awards 2020;
  • «Online Casino Supplier of the Year», Global Gaming Awards 2020;
  • «Casino & Games Supplier of the Year», SBC Awards 2021;
  • «Live Streaming Supplier», EGR B2B Awards 2021 and others.
Live TV and Live Streaming Games

The list of some games from the TVBet provider:

War of the Elements

War of the Elements

A simple live dealer game in real-time. The player will have to predict which card will be the highest in the duel. The process is characterized by a fast change of rounds, betting variability and a three-level jackpot.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar

An exciting and fast game designed in an unusual cyberpunk style. The rules are simple and familiar, but at the same time fascinating. Players have the opportunity to bet on the color of the joker, whether it will be over/under or equal to 7, on the color of the winning card, or the victory of Andar or Bahar.



This is an attractive live show with two Wheels of Fortune. This fact not only allows you to bet on two events at the same time but also increases the chances of winning.

Fruit Race

Fruit Race

Recent company release. It combines racing, lottery and fruit themes. The game is unique and has no analogues. It uses 10 colorful fruit balls and an orange «Seven». Having scrolled in the lottery drum, the balls line up along the panel with the image of fruits. Winning is counted from 4 to 10 matches or if only «Sevens» matches. It is possible to bet on up to 100 draws in advance.

7 Bet

7 Bet

Good old lottery «7 out of 42». The rules are simple and everything is familiar. Rounds go fast. The machine is certified for fairness of the outcome and excludes the influence of the dealer on it. The game has several betting options and a three-level jackpot.


The company was founded in Lithuania in 2012 with an operating office in Malta. It is one of the global leaders in the production of interactive entertainment, including live games and streaming shows. The company cooperates with more than 180 gaming platforms and online casinos and has more than 250 employees worldwide.

BetGames is an ardent fighter against gambling fraud, working with Sportradar to integrate the Universal Fraud Detection System.

The list of BetGames entertainment:

  • Andar Bahar. Another live version of the popular game. Players have the opportunity to place up to 19 betting options on various outcomes.
  • War of Bets. An exciting and at the same time simple streaming pirate-styled game with the possibility of betting on 25 outcomes.
  • Dice Duel. Fun yet simple. The dealer rolls the dice. You can bet on the dropped number, even/odd, color and so on up to 13 options. Fast change of rounds in non-stop mode.
  • Poker Bets. A variant similar to «Texas Hold’em» is used. The game takes place in an environment reminiscent of an expensive gentlemen’s club. Players have the opportunity to bet on 16 outcomes.
  • Speedy 7. Dynamic streaming entertainment. In a 7-round draw, the player must predict whether the next card will be red or black. There are only 2 betting options, but at the same time, the possibility of accumulative odds of 100x and higher. There are bonuses and jackpots.

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