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Manotobet offers you the best conditions for a dual play for real money. It allows you to create your own board game with a pool from 5,000 toman to 2,000,000 and invite other players. Additionally, you have the choice to join one of the already existing games. Moreover, there is an opportunity to participate in various tournaments and competitions.

What Games for Two Can I Play for Money

Our customers are offered four options for paired games to choose from. You can play:

  1. Hokm;
  2. Pasoor;
  3. Backgammon;
  4. Dominoes.

We are confident that these entertainments will be of interest to Iranian players as three of them have Persian roots:

dual play

HokmThis trick-taking card game originated in Iran and has got many different variations of how it is played. It is similar to the Whist, in which the highest hand declares the trump suit after the first five cards are dealt. The competition usually stops after one side has won seven tricks.
PasoorThis is an ancient card game of Persian fishermen. The goal of it is to score the most points by winning certain cards. The game lasts until one of the players scores 62 points in total.
BackgammonThis is one of the oldest two player games. Archaeological excavations in Iran have shown that a similar game was played as far back as 3,000 years BC. The game consists of a lined playing field, checkers and a dice. The goal is to take your checkers home by passing them through the entire playing field. The opponent can capture your checkers and return them to the starting point. The winner is the one who brings all the checkers home first.
DominoesThis activity came to be famous from ancient China. There are many varieties of it that are known all over the world nowadays.

The traditional set consists of 28 unique figures (tiles) divided in half by a bar, for each possible combination of two ends with a number of dots from zero to six. 

In the game for two people, seven tiles are handed over, the rest remain stored in a «Bazaar». Players move in turn, putting their tile to another piece that is facing the table, corresponding to the number of dots. If there is no such tile, the player goes to the Bazaar and takes the tiles until they find the right one. The first person to be left empty-handed wins.

In order to study the rules of the above games in more detail and become more familiar with terms and conditions before playing, we advise you to visit the «Guide / Pair Games» section of our website.

How to Start Playing

If one of the proposed games interests you, or you have long wanted to try your hand at a pair competition, you have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register on the Manotobet Gambling Platform;
  2. Update your account;
  3. Go to the «Pair Games» section;
  4. Join the declared game or create your own;
  5. Start playing.
Two-Player Game

Interface Description

When you go to the «Pair Games» section, right in the middle of the screen you can see a panel with the information that is constantly changing. These are games already created by other players waiting for their partners. The players are listed on the left side of the column. Further, in front of each player, you will find the amount of entry into a 2 players game, the type of game and the «Pay and Join» button.

You can choose from the pairs that have already been created, but you can also create the games by yourself. This can be done through a drop-down menu in the form of three dashes on the left of the screen. By clicking on them, you will be guided to the menu for creating a pair. There you will be asked to choose one of the four described games, select a proposed bet amount (from 5,000 to 2,000,000 IRT) or enter your own and click the «Create» button.

After that, your invitation option will appear in the central panel. As soon as your pair is found, the playdown will commence.

Tournament Invitation Panel

If a doubles tournament is scheduled in the near future, you will be shown an information panel on the right side of the screen. It will indicate the date and time of the tournament, the type of the game, the amount of the prize pool, as well as the amount of the fee (if the tournament includes financial rewards).


How much can I win in one game?

For one game, you have the opportunity to win from IRT 10,000 to IRT 4,000,000.

Which game has the easiest rules?

All four offered activities have a long history and simple rules. It all depends on your taste: someone likes to play cards, another one prefers to move checkers, and other people like stone dominoes more. You as the user get the chance to choose what is the best option.

What is the minimum bet in one game?

The minimum proposed bet in the game starts from 5,000 tomans. Thus, you have the opportunity to test your strength in the contest without investing a lot of money.

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